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Tix is a powerful widget library for Tcl/Tk. See the screenshots for what the Tix widgets look like.

tixlibrary.sourceforge.net is maintained by the creator of Tix, Ioi Lam. This site contains the latest development and bug fixes for Tix.

Tix 8.2.0 B1 Release

Currently the latest Tix release, 8.2.0, is undergoing beta testing. Please follow this link to download Tix 8.2.0 B1. You can find source bundles, Win32 setup program, PDF documentation, as well as release notes and change log.

Other Useful Links

This web site is under construction. Here are some useful links.

Other Tix Distributions

Other people maintain their distributions of Tix:

What's the difference between this site and other sites? This site is maintained by the creator of Tix, so expect the latest, perhaps less tested, code here. The other sites are based on previous releases of Tix. They may be more stable for some people, but may lack the features or bug fixes needed by others.

Also, this site devotes to Tix running on Tcl/Tk. Other sites provides ports of Tix to other languages such as Python and Perl. My suggestion would be to try them out and decide for yourself which Tix distribution to use.

Tix Mailing Lists

Join the Tix User Forum to get help, discusses Tix, or just hang out with your fellow Tix application developers. If you just want to receive e-mail accouncements about Tix, join the Tix Announcement Mailing List

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For Comments, suggestions, bug reports, or feature requests, please send me mail at ioilam@users.sourceforge.net.
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