Look-and-feel Changes in Tix 8.2.0

This page is still a work-in-progress.

The look-and-feel of the Tix widgets have been updated in Tix 8.2.0. The main reason is to improve the look-and-feel on the Windows platform. In addition, there are

Better Native Look-and-feel

The Windows and Unix versions of Tix widgets have been fine-tuned to match native platform's look-and-feel in terms of fonts, colors and visual design.
Windows sample screen.
Unix sample screen.

Full Internationalization Support

All Tix widgets now support the display and manupulation of international text.

tixHList and tixTList displaying the words for "Hello" in various languages.


In the Unix version of tixNoteBook, the selected tab is now raised to make it stand out among the unselected tabs. The Windows version now looks very similar to its native Windows counterpart.

tixNoteBook on Windows.
Native Windows tabbed dialog.

tixNoteBook on Unix.


tixComboBox now looks close to its native Win32 counterpart.

tixComboBox on Win32.


ImageText selection ...


Changes forthcoming ...

[Last Modified Mar 31, 2001]
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